Best Business Excellence Consultant in UAE

W We assist our clients, governments, or business organizations, in winning local, regional & global Excellence Awards. We rely on the best and latest methods for this to be happened. Apart from being a strong strategic partner, we extend our valuable service to attain the goals and objectives of the organization. The future directions of the firm are guided, thereby creating a positive impact on the career growth of the organization. Powerful insights and innovative ideas help the clients to excel in the international business.

In addition, we also support organizations to adopt global best practices on management (i.e. leadership, strategy, human capital, customer management, partnerships & resources, Supply Chain Management, CSR, Sustainability, Financial Management, Information, Knowledge & Technology Management, Productivity Measurement & Improvement, Benchmarking) and in turn consistently & significantly improve financial & non-financial performance over the years. We have also support organizations to delight all stakeholders i.e. customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, bankers, government & society at large.

Our expertise includes but not limited to:

  • Comprehensive support to excellence model and execution support
  • Strategic Planning development and execution support
  • Organisational Health-check services
  • Total Organizational Excellence Support
  • Quality improvement tools and techniques
  • Performance Management and Measurement systems
  • Customer Service measurement and management
  • Innovation tools and techniques
  • Benchmarking tools and techniques

Excellence Awards

  1. Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award (SKEA)
  2. Dubai Quality Award (DQA)
  3. Dubai Human Development Award (DHDA)
  4. Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Business Award (MRMBA)
  5. Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Business Innovation Award (MRMBIA)
  6. EFQM Excellence Award
  7. Dubai Service Excellence Scheme (DSES)
  8. UAE Innovation Award (DQG)

About our Expert

Dr. Kanak Madrecha is Senior Associate of Prudentia Lawyers. He has facilitated 43 large & reputed organizations winning of 95 prestigious Local & Global excellence awards during last 20 years. Dr. Madrecha, former Advisor-Corporate Excellence Division (Municipality of Abu Dhabi City), is a world class leader and professional in supply chain & logistics and business excellence.

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