Dr. Vincent Panikulangara

Senior Associate - Legal

Dr. Vincent Panikulangara is Senior Legal Associate at Prudentia Lawyers. He is a practicing lawyer since 1973.  Dr. Panikulangara with his profound experiences in Indian litigation process, has proven skills in handling wide range of Public Interest Litigations (PIL) across Indian appellate courts.


Dr. Panikulangara holds a Doctorate (Ph.D) in “Industrial Laws in Pharmaceutical Industry in India” from Cochin University of Science & Technology, Doctoral Research from University Catholique de Louvain from Belgium, M. Phil. in Economics from JNU New Delhi, Institute for Development Studies from INODEP, France and Public Law Research from Christic Institute, Washington DC, USA.

Dr. Panikulangara has lectured in WMUni Business School, Michigan, USA & Conf of Med Docs of USA/Canada on Bioethics at S F, USA in 1993.

Known Languages:

English, Hindi, French, and Malayalam

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Dr. Vincent Panikulangara-Senior Legal Associate in India
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